W C E V Radio is dedicated to serving Cicero, Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The station's call letters, in fact, stand for "We're Chicagoland's Ethnic Voice." W C E V covers the Chicago metropolitan area and is based in the west suburban town of Cicero, Illinois. The station's purpose is to provide quality broadcast service to Cicero and the huge and varied ethnic communities of Chicagoland.

W C E V offers programs in various languages directed toward several ethnic groups: Polish, Irish, Spanish and Arabic. Polka, Southern Gospel Music and Islamic programs are also featured. Programs often include popular and traditional music, ethnic language newscasts as well as community news, interviews,and conversation. A few programs are bilingual.

W C E V carries an impressive schedule of news and public affairs programs including ethnic feature reports. Other English language programs on the station feature ethnic music or music by ethnic Americans, talk and interview shows on subjects of special interest to ethnic Americans and the people of Cicero, Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

W C E V is operated by Migala Communications Corporation, a family-owned, family-operated enterprise. The station was founded by respected Polish-American broadcasters Joseph and Slawa Migala. Many of the Joseph Migala family are active in running the station and active in the Polish-American community. Lucyna Migala, who was a producer, reporter, and writer for NBC News for more than 12 years, is WCEV's program director. Barbara Holtzinger is office manager. George W. Migala, a well known Polish-American broadcaster, is the general manager.

W C E V airs daily from 1pm to 10pm, 1pm to 8:30pm on Saturdays, and from 5am to 10pm on Sundays. The station first signed on in October 1979. Studio facilities are in Chicago, and some programming is done from remote locations within ethnic communities. Operating at 1000 watts, omni-directional, the station shares its 1450kz frequency with WRLL. The transmitters and tower for both stations are located at 3350 South Kedzie in Chicago.